13 COVERS: A MIKE GRELL Birthday Celebration

The comics stalwart — born Sept. 13, 1947 — turns 73…

It’s been a number of years since we’ve featured Green Arrow for a Mike Grell 13 COVERS birthday salute. But with the new Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1 — collecting Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1-3, Green Arrow #1-50 and a story from Secret Origins #38 — having just been released, it seemed the right time to go back to the Emerald Archer.

Right on.

Joe Rubinstein inks


— MIKE GRELL Reveals the Secrets of THE LONGBOW HUNTERS. Click here.

— INSIDE LOOK: When DENNY O’NEIL and MIKE GRELL Revamped GREEN ARROW’s Origin. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I always enjoyed GA with Green Lantern or in the pages of the Brave and the Bold. The “mature” take never spoke to me.

    Happy birthday, Mike! You were a big part of what made the Bronze Age so iconic.

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    • I’m just the opposite. The Bronze Age version of Green Arrow always left me cold, but the mid-1980s reboot by Grell was fresh and original and exciting.

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      • Agree! Grell’s run on Green Arrow is my favorite.

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  2. Happy birthday to Mr. Grell. It’d be really nice to see him and Neal Adams team up to at least do a pinup, since they’ve got similar art styles.

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  3. I’ve always loved Grell’s Green Arrow art, especially those covers and have enjoyed his Warlord and Legion of Superheroes work as well. But his version of Batman, like the 1992 GA Annual # 5 above, is too skinny for my tastes. Some artists draw Batman way too thick and/or overly muscular, and a few draw him too skinny like an Olympic swimmer. Lee and Jusko draw Batman the way I think he should look.

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  4. Grell’s Green Arrow is great, but for me, Warlord edges it out by a hair. Of course, my all-time favorite body of his work is Grell’s run on Legion. I was just reading some of those issues in the early 200’s (of Superboy and the LSH) and thought to myself how unique each character looks – even their faces. He really infused them with a personality of their own, not unlike what I thought the great George Perez accomplished on that great bronze run of Avengers.

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