Happy (belated) birthday…

As you probably know by now, one of our mainstays at 13th Dimension is the 13 COVERS birthday celebration. Usually, though not always, the feature is geared toward creators from a bygone time.

But sometimes it occurs to me that a contemporary deserves that treatment, too — especially when it’s someone whose work I really admire.

Which brings me to Mike Allred.

Now, Mike’s not only one of my fave artists, he’s one of my fave people in the biz: He’s unfailingly enthusiastic about his craft and exhibits a level of love and devotion to the world of comics that few can match.

Mike’s also contributed to 13th Dimension a number of times over the years (you can find some links below) and I’m knocked out every time he comes out to play.

Anyway, I was looking at a list of comics birthdays the other day and saw Mike’s name. But something about his birthdate seemed off to me, so I checked with him and, sure enough, Mike’s birthday was Jan. 19. And his wife Laura — who colors all his work — was born Jan. 25.

So as a belated birthday salute, dig these 13 COVERS¬†featuring a selection of their titles — from trippy, creator-owned work like Madman to their fizzy output for Marvel and DC.



The following were written by Mike:

ADAM WEST: An Appreciation

My 13 Favorite MONKEES Songs

13 Kirby NEW GODS Covers — RANKED


The following are interviews with Mike:


Reflecting on the End of SILVER SURFER

Talking the MONKEES Album Project

Most cover images and credits from the swingin’ Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. His Batman ’66 covers are pretty trippy…

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