13 COVERS: A LOIS LANE Anniversary Celebration

The intrepid reporter got her own book 65 years ago…


On Jan. 14, 1958 — 65 years ago — fans of the Superman comics saw a new title on their newsstand: Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #1. It was to be just the first of her 137-issue series (it followed two tryout issues in Showcase, #9, July-Aug. 1957, and #10, Sept.-Oct. 1957). 

The early years of the series had stories written by Jerry Coleman, Robert Bernstein, Otto Binder and other excellent scripters, including Lois Lane’s co-creator, Jerry Siegel. And the art by Curt Swan and Kurt Schaffenberger was extraordinary and entertaining as Lois often out-scooped Clark Kent, out-fought bad guys, and out-romanced her No. 1 rival and best friend Lana Lang.

During the latter years of the series, with writer Robert Kanigher taking over with #80 (Jan. 1968), the stories turned more serious and, while change is often good, it wasn’t as magical.

Here are 13 high points of the series –mostly covers and a couple interiors:

Showcase #9 (July-Aug. 1957) – Al Plastino art

Showcase #10 (Sept.-Oct. 1957) – Wayne Boring pencils, Stan Kaye inks

Lois Lane #1 (Mar.-Apr. 1958) – Curt Swan pencils, Kaye inks

Lois Lane #10 (July 1959) – Swan pencils, Kaye inks

Lois Lane #14 (Jan. 1960) – Swan pencils, Kaye inks

Lois Lane #25 (May 1961) – Kurt Schaffenberger art

Lois Lane #29 (Nov. 1961) – Swan pencils, Kaye inks

Superman #150 (Jan. 1962) – This was a story originally planned for the Lois Lane comic, and it is one of the best. Lois and Lana here give Superman his just desserts. Schaffenberger art, Robert Bernstein script.

Lois Lane #31 (Feb. 1962) – Swan pencils, George Klein inks

Lois Lane #42 (July 1963) – Schaffenberger art

Lois Lane #42 (July 1963) – Interior splash page. How can anyone find fault with a story in which Lois imagines using a wish to have Superman battle a series of superbeings for her hand in marriage, including the original Captain Marvel sneakily inserted in the drawing? Jerry Siegel script, art by Schaffenberger (who drew Captain Marvel at Fawcett and later in DC’s Shazam!)

Lois Lane #68 (Sept.-Oct. 1966) – Schaffenberger art

Lois Lane #104 (Sept.-Oct. 1970) – Swan pencils, Murphy Anderson inks


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Was Lois ever canonically referred to as Superman’s “girlfriend” before she got her own series? Just wondering.

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    • Good question. The answer is yes. One instance I know of was way back in Action Comics #75 (August 1944) when Lois was kidnapped and one crook said, “Everybody in town knows you’re Superman’s girl friend.” As to the official title of “Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane,” I think it was likely done for the same reason as “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen”…a business decision to get the Superman logo in there in order to attract Superman comic buyers. I know it did that for me.

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