13 COVERS: A JOE SIMON Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ major architects was born 107 years ago…

The late Joe Simon — born Oct. 11, 1913 — was a major force in the Golden Age, obviously best known for co-creating Captain America with his longtime collaborator Jack Kirby.

In the past, our 13 COVERS birthday salutes have centered on the Star-Spangled Avenger or Simon’s work on features like the Newsboy Legion and Boy Commandos.

This year brings something a little different, though: How about 13 COVERS featuring Simon’s 1959 Archie creation, the Fly?

Now, even though Simon was on The Fly for a short Silver Age stint, many others followed in his footsteps, well into the ’80s and beyond.

So dig these 13 COVERS — by Simon and other greats like Steve Ditko.

Dig it.

Kirby pencils, Simon inks

Joe Simon


John Rosenberger

Paul Reinman

Steve Ditko


Ditko pencils, Rudy Nebres inks


Ditko and Nebres





— 13 COVERS: A JOE SIMON Birthday Celebration — 2016 Edition. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A JOE SIMON Birthday Celebration — 2015 Edition. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I would love a collection of all the Archie heroes. Fun times to be a kid and a fan of heroes.

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