13 COVERS: A C.C. BECK Birthday Celebration

A Whizzy salute to the co-creator of the original Captain Marvel…

His name is Captain Marvel. That’s that.

His co-creator, the late C.C. Beck, was born 110 years ago — June 8, 1910.

Dig these 13 COVERS — all from Whiz Comics.


Possible Pete Costanza inks

Possible Costanza inks

Costanza inks

Costanza inks

Possible Costanza inks


— 13 COVERS: A C.C. BECK Birthday Celebration — 2019 Edition. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A C.C. BECK Birthday Celebration — 2018 Edition. Click here.


Cover images and credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • I had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Beck on several occasions, including two or three times at his home. Very interesting man, every visit was an education.

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  1. For me, Iā€™d love to have an original copy of Whiz #22. Classic.

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  2. I have a few C.C.Beck autographs and some letters from him when he was living in Florida in 1980.
    How much is his autograph worth now (2020)?
    I believe Mr Beck and his Superman rivals, Siegel and Shuster, share the Golden Age comicdom rankings.

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  3. The sythe gets me everynight when I walk upistaire to the bedroom past he frammed cover. HB to Beck, Just got an origianl piece in the afforadable range,

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    • Thanks, Joe! Autographs from Superman creators Siegel and Shuster (1938) are now worth some thousands of bucks. How about an autograph from Creator of Capt
      Marvel and the Marvel Family Mr CCBeck?
      What is its market value? Thanks again.

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