13 COVERS: A BOB KANE Birthday Retrospective

Batman’s co-creator was born 106 years ago…

UPDATED 10/24/21: Bob Kane was born 106 years ago. This first ran in 2019 but it stands up just as well today. Dig it. — Dan

Hey, look, for years we’ve taken shots at Bob Kane — who was born Oct. 24, 1915, and died in 1998 — for being a charlatan where the credit for Batman is concerned.

But, you still have to give the guy props for coming up with the basic concept to begin with — even if Bill Finger was the Caped Crusader’s true creative force.

Anyway, in the past we’ve noted Kane’s birthday by saluting his ghost artists or paying homage to Finger.

This year, it’s time to simply give the devil his due. So, here is our first-ever 13 COVERS retrospective on Bob Kane.

And as you’ll see, he illustrated some bona fide classics:

Jerry Robinson inks

Jerry Robinson backgrounds

Robinson inks

Kane and Robinson inks

Robinson inks

Kane and Robinson inks

Robinson and George Roussos inks


— A BILL FINGER Tribute: BATMAN From 1939 to Today. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: Saluting the Ghosts of BOB KANE. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the gothic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. In the world of architecture there are the big designers who have the original concepts, like Frank Gehry and his hideous buildings, and the project architects and engineers who make the original design work. Bob Kane may be the original design architect, but we should also never forget the men like Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson who helped make Bob Kane famous. Thanks for reminding us that all are worthy of some praise.

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