13 CLAYFACE COVERS: It’s National Mud Pack Day!

No joke!

You can pretty much have a “national day” for anything, it seems, and today just happens to be National Mud Pack Day.

Which, y’know, congratulations to the Mud Pack people for pulling that one off.

Of course, for such an august occasion, we bring you 13 CLAYFACE COVERS. Because MUD PACK!

Norm Breyfogle

Bob Kane pencils and inks. Jerry Robinson additional inks.

Sheldon Moldoff

Marshall Rogers pencils, Terry Austin inks

Mike Allred (Also used for the Batman ’66 #23 print edition.)

Jim Aparo


Bob Smith pencils, Terry Beatty inks


Rogers pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Possibly Lucciano Vecchio


From Filmation Batman ’77. Not a cover, but so what? It’s National Mud Pack Day and we’re gonna celebrate it however we want!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Aw darn, you left out the Wonder Woman covers. Love that story

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  2. Marshall Rogers’ wraparound cover to Shadow of the Batman No 5 would be a worthy addition here.

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  3. Its a dirty business but someone had to dig up a way to celebrate the day appropriately.

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  4. All interesting covers.
    Another favorite is WORLD’S FIENST COMICS #140.
    Clayface transforming into Superman.

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