Your Complete BATMAN ’66 Guide to Every Actor Who Played a Major SPECIAL GUEST VILLAIN


Welcome to ZOWIE WEDNESDAYS — in which we’re serializing across 13 weeks Mark Voger’s forthcoming book Zowie! from publisher TwoMorrowsClick here for a ton more on this feature — and info on the book itself, a brightly colored history of “the TV Superhero Craze in ’60s Pop Culture.” You can also find there links to previous installments. Right on! — Dan

Adam West and Burt Ward were the glue that held Batman ’66 together — their deadpan (West) and energetic (Ward) performances gave us a Batman and Robin that were central to the show’s campy conceit.

Oh, but the Special Guest Villains! Never was so much scenery chewed with such madcap glee. With a few notable exceptions, you always got the feeling that the actors who popped up on the show playing baddies were having the times of their lives. Method acting? Pfaw! Ham it up with as much ham as you could muster!

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What made the performances even more enjoyable was that while West and Ward were the unknowns when the show began, the villains were the pros. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names visited Gotham during the show’s three seasons, with many more making window cameos and even more wanting to join the fun but unable to, for one reason or another.

With all that in mind, dig Zowie’s guide to the actors who played every major Special Guest Villain on the show — in chronological order. (Lee Meriwether, the second Catwoman, appeared in the 1966 movie.)

Zowie! by Mark Voger, is a 192-page, full-color hardcover that lists for $43.95. It is scheduled to be released July 31 and will be available through booksellers and comics shops. You can also pre-order it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. If you want to see a really different performance from Frank Gorshin, check out Disney’s “That Darn Cat!” (1965). He and Neville Brand make very non-typical Disney villains in it. Aside from the Big Four, my favorites were the Mad Hatter, played by David Wayne (who apparently didn’t enjoy being in “Batman”) and Louie the Lilac, played extremely straight by Milton Berle.

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  2. There is a typo on the Ida Lupino/Howard Duff episode-it was March 7, 1968, not 1966.

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