You’ll Get a BANG! Out of This Subversive JAMES BOND Send-Up

EXCLUSIVE: Dark Horse’s warped 007 satire has been selling out — and now you can get a special custom cover by Matt Kindt…

My wife Wendy and I have been watching the James Bond movies in order, in anticipation of Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die this spring. It was actually her idea, which surprised me, because she’s not much of a 007 fan other than the Craig films: They’re catnip for me but when Sean Connery spouts a one-liner, she sprains her eyes rolling them so hard.

She’s sticking with it because she’s at least entertained, but really what I should do is jam into her hand Dark Horse’s BANG! by writer Matt Kindt, artist Wilfredo Torres, colorist Nayoung Kim and letterer Nate Piekos. The series upends all those classic spy-film tropes right from Issue #1’s opening sequence and has become one of the buzziest books of early 2020, with a sold-out first printing and a second printing — with a Denys Cowan cover! — that’s dwindling in supply.

Just dig the snazzy trailer:

Anyway, you’ll have a third, ahem, shot at Issue #1 if you’re headed to Emerald City Comic Con 2020, March 12-15, in Seattle.

The BANG! #1 Convention Exclusive Sketch Cover will be on sale — and can be customized by Kindt himself.

Issue #1 main cover

Here’s how it goes down: The cover will be available at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#2208) while supplies last. (It’s a limited run of 500.) Fans can buy the issue for $10 but for an extra $15, Kindt will do an original sketch. That’s $25 for the math-impaired.

None of the covers are pre-sketched. So if you buy one at the booth for $10 and come back to a Kindt signing, he’ll sketch for you for the extra 15 clams. (You can also buy it at the booth and take it to Kindt’s table, or you can just go to a Kindt signing at the Dark Horse booth to begin with. Options!)

Dig this EXCLUSIVE LOOK at Kindt in action:

Hey, you know what Keanu Reeves calls the series? “A great, fucked-up blend of James Bond and Tintin.”

He oughta know. He’s John Wick and a national treasure.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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