Which ARCHIE Is the Greatest ARCHIE? Archie Comics Has an Idea…

An EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #2 — including a complete vintage Dan DeCarlo tale!

You may think of Archie as Archie, but Archie is really many Archies. The question is which is the Archie. The greatest Archie.

Well, Archie Comics is tackling that head-scratcher in Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #2 — due April 14 — with a new tale by Angelo DeCesare, Pat and Tim Kennedy, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore and Jack Morelli.

Dig this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW — along with a complete tale by Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo from 1980’s Betty and Veronica #289.

Right on.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. God, I love Archie. And yes, classic Archie is the best Archie… in my opinion. But it’s awesome there are different versions for different audiences and tastes.

    Whoever the artist is on that Archieverse story, is obviously influenced by Harry Lucey, who is now my favorite Archie artist. I used to be a Dan DeCarlo man, but I recently realized how much I love the kinetic energy and frenetic action Lucey gave the characters. This artist is channeling that perfectly!

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    • Just noticed the credits.. nice work Pat and Tim Kennedy and Jim Amash!

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