What’s YOUR Favorite Comic Con Experience?

Big show? Little show? Tell us your fave stories.

I was a guest the other day on Anthony Desiato’s Flat Squirrel Tales podcast. The topic was comic conventions and we were joined by fellow guest Chris D’Lando from ReedPOP, which organizes New York Comic-Con.

Have a listen at iTunes. or Podomatic. I think you’ll dig it because we got into all the pros and cons of (ahem) cons — from behind the scenes to cool experiences to genuine headaches.

Me? My first show was in a New York City hotel ballroom circa 1979. And as much as I dig the massive pop fests that are San Diego Comic-Con and NYCC, I still have a real fondness for the smaller to mid-size shows.

My son Sam and a member of the Green Lantern Corps at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

Anyway, feel free to drop us YOUR fave con experiences in the comments below or in whichever social-media thread you found this.

It can be about your first show, your best encounter, your biggest score, you name it.

Just have a good time!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Have had several FAV con experiences. I met Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew at Dallas con in Plano about 2000. He was a sweet gentle guy. Also met Kevin Conroy and Arlene Sorkin that same con. They were both super cool. Had glowing things to say about Mark Hamill and watching him perform in the recording booth.

    Next year met a very nice and humble Rich Buckler who signed my Deathlok comic for free and refused to accept any payment. Cool guy.

    Met Gorshin at New York Con in 2001. A lot of those people have handlers who move the flow of the crowd along but Frank waved his off and let us stay and talk. “No,…let these boys stay”. Frank was great!

    On a more personal note I had a fan project of mine shown at San Diego Comic Con back in 2007. I found out at the last minute it was being featured. I got a flight with 3 days notice and a hotel with 2. When I got to the convention center I discovered the line to get in stretched about 2 miles into downtown San Diego. Took us 4 hrs to get in. I was standing in line with a guy who discussed collecting Nazi paraphernalia and other related materials. Got away from that eventually and got in. I then had Daren Dochterman and Robert Myer Burnett show my stuff at a panel. So that was cool.

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  2. Several: Meeting Jerry Robinson at 2010 Baltimore Comic Con. Meeting Adam West & Burt Ward at 2016 Awesome Con. Getting Tim Sale to sketch Selina Kyle for me. I have met a lot of great comic creators (Joe Staton, Russ Heath, Joe Giella, Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, Romona Fradon, Darwin Cooke, etc), got some great art, and bought some great comic books

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  3. San Diego 1982. Meeting Kirby. Eisner. Burne Hogarth. Milton Caniff. Carl Barks. Do I have to continue? I was in comic book heaven.

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