What It’s Like to Own the Original 1966 BATCOPTER

How cool would that be? Well, Eugene Nock can tell you…

I’ve written quite a bit about the 1966 Batcopter the last few years and do you know why? Because it’s pretty dang cool.

Capt. Eugene Nock, the owner of old serial no. N3079G, is an affable showman who loves to spin a tale. So much so, that he was the perfect kind of guest for John S. Drew’s Batcave Podcast.

Eugene joined John and me for the latest episode and he had lots to say about how he got his hands on Batman’s greatest flying machine, which tours the country every year, taking fans like you and me into the air. (From June 22 to July 9, the Batcopter will be at the State Fair Meadowlands, across the river from New York City, the real-life Gotham. For details and the rest of this summer’s tour schedule, click here.)

The good captain also highlighted some of the Batcopter’s coolest appearances — including a spectacular story involving Adam West, Julie Newmar and Batmobile creator George Barris. Best of all, he discussed his lifelong friendship with West, whom he met as a 7-year-old kid.

Check it out here or here or on iTunes or Stitcher. Any Batman fan will be thoroughly entertained.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Had not seen your site before, I helped build the original wings for the Batcopter in 1966 as a 13 year old. My dad designed and built it.

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  2. It currently sits at Peter O Knight Airport in an undisclosed hanger. I work at the airport and check it out all the time.

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