What COULD Have Happened When That Bat Flew Into BRUCE WAYNE’s Window


Hey, we just wrapped up BATMAN WEEK — but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a groovy little epilogue for you. (Two, actually.)

Dig this Kerry classic:

Want more SUNDAY FUNNIES WITH KERRY CALLEN? Come back next week! Want more BATMAN WEEK, including another cartoon by Merry Kerry? Click here.

Want a commission? I don’t blame you. But Kerry right now isn’t taking new ones, so he can catch up on other commissions and projects. Be patient, kids!


— What Would REALLY Happen if BATMAN Wore a Ridiculously Long Cape. Click here.

— What REALLY Would Have Happened If PETER PARKER Had Been Bitten By That Spider. Click here.

KERRY CALLEN spent much of his career as an artist and art director, developing product for Hallmark, but has also dabbled in comics for many years. As a freelancer, he creates work for a range of needs, spanning from Mad Magazine to children illustrations. He has two graphic novels available on Amazon worldwide, Halo and Sprocket: The Definitive Collection, as well as Dirtnap: Mystic Spit.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. LOL! Back in the 70s in a (I think Batman) 100 pager there was a feature on what other things might have inspired him like a shooting star, or a a suit of armor. I thought; what if the refrigerator suddenly made a weird noise? “That’s it! A refrigerator! It’s an omen! I shall become a refrigerator!”

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    • Pretty sure you’re thinking of BATMAN no. 256 based on its description in DC’s wiki site.

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  2. Shards-Of-Glass-Man and his youthful ward, Windex.

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