13 NEW PIX! Plus: Factory Entertainment wants to hear from you!

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If all continues according to plan, Factory Entertainment’s Batcave could well end up the granddaddy of modern Batman ’66 collectibles.

But there are still some steps to go and Factory Entertainment wants your input.

Check out these 13 fresh pix from Toy Fair, showing it wired for light. The high-end, 1:50-scale model — now $699 because of the added wiring — is going into production soon and Factory has some questions for you:

You can just see Batman and Robin leaping from the Batpoles like they do right after the opening credits, can’t you?

Question 1. Except for one piece, all of the furniture is moveable, just as it was on the show to allow for shooting different scenes. That’s a neat little feature. However, the company could light up the Batcomputer and other pieces if they remain stationary. Which would you prefer? Moveable or stationary?

Question 2. The Batmobile sits on a rotating turntable. The company could wire it to move it on its own but the base would have to be thicker, which may make it less aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the model already weighs 20 pounds and including a motor would add to that, causing potential packing, shipping and home display issues. It would also probably add $50-$100 to the cost and delay the release by 6 to 8 weeks. (It’s due late summer/early fall). All that said: Would you prefer it as is, or would you want it wired?

Question 3. The Batcave does not come with the Batmobile or any figures, because of licensing issues. Would you be willing to buy an additional accessories pack that included the vehicle, scale figures of characters and additional furniture like the lucite map of Gotham City? (The model is going into production soon so they would not be included immediately. Plus, there are licensing issues to address.)

Question 4. Do you have any information on how the Batcave was built or how it operated on set? If so, contact the company’s creative director Barry Eldridge directly ( because they are putting together a booklet on the Batcave’s history to go with the model and they want legitimate information, no matter how obscure.

Put your responses in the comments below or in whichever social-media thread you found this. I will compile them and send them along.

Now on to the rest of the pictures, citizens!

There’s no roof to the model, allowing natural light in. But if you cover the top you get different experiences, like so…

The atomic pile rotates colors.

You can remove the entrance to the Batcave …

… allowing the Batmobile to roar out.

Don’t forget to answer those questions above! Factory Entertainment wants your input…

For the complete FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT 1966 BATCAVE Index of stories: Click here.

For the 2017 TOY FAIR INDEX of stories, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The computers? They should remain stationary to keep cost down and be lit also.
    Batmobile turntable? Unwired to keep shipping damage/weight down.
    Accessories pack? Yes! Take my money!
    Now, my question: When could I preorder?

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    • The furniture should be movable and there’s no need to wire the turntable so it rotates. Those two steps should help keep the cost down somewhat. And I’d be willing to purchase the Batmobile and figures separately.

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      • The turntable could have a mechanism that is a simple half wind and a button to release it. A slow 180 turn would look great, add realism and wouldn’t add much weight or cost.

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    • The pictures show a 1:50 scale Mattel Batmobile, a 1:43 Corgi or even Hot Wheels Elite Batmobile would be better. What scale is the Batcave?

      I would prefer 1:43 scale as it fits better with classic Corgi and recent Hot Wheels Elite Batmobiles and is generally the best scale to work with.

      I would buy scale figures and maybe even a Batmobile to go with this Batcave.

      I would rather the computers and such be fixed in place and lighted and the turntable with a motor would be much better too.

      If the barricade outside the Batcave folded down like the TV show that would be cool too.

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      • We would’ve loved it in 1/25th, there’s a bigger market in 1/25-1/24 Scale.

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    • I agree with all of this.

      Would like to see a 1/25 version. Maybe work with Polar Lights as a model kit?

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      • Frank, I talked with them about a 1/32 scale bigger model of the 66’batcave and they said that it would cost a heck of a lot more! This 1/50 scale was the only way that they could keep the price down to $ 699.99 mark plus shipping. But, I would like the option of buying a batmobile & batfigures accessory pack either with display batcave or sold seperately too! I like talking to them at Factory Entertainment they are a good bunch of folks who make great products too!

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  2. Close the top of it if it doesn’t add too much to the weight AND most importantly factory packaging MUST be strong enough to handle transit to my Bat cave!

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  3. Moveable furniture. No rotating turntable. Yes to accessory pack.

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  4. Question 1.Moveable computers. Be nice if a Battery could be added but not a deal killer, You can always use adhesive to secure it.
    Question 2. Turntable – moveable by hand is fine. This could be an additional kit to be sold separately On set the Batmobile was rotated by hand, and it was made to look automatic. The turntable was three concentric circles painted on the floor.

    Question 3. Figures are OK as an accessory set. The Batmobile may not be required as real fans will have one from the BluRay red box or have bought one separately. If you will include it, drop the Batboat tow hook – that will make it unique to this set as that version is no longer offered separately.

    Question 4. Mark Racop, Eric Selzer, and Todd White are three that know the batmobile very well. I believe Todd is working on the definitive Batmobile book.

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    • Lite computers preferred to movable.

      Turntable by had is ok

      Need figures including criminals and
      Batmobile. Figures that can go on polls would be great as another extra also some that fit in cars

      Nothing to help here sorry.

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    • Actually, it is Kevin White

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  5. 1. Make computers stationary and wired with lights. 2.Make base thicker and wired for turnaround. 3. Ues I would buy accessories pack. 4. Just go to George Barris [ R.I.P.] website for history of Batmobile build-which he made happen in 2 weeks!

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  6. Stationary with lights, manual turntable, accessory pack yes, don’t forget the desk with the Batphone on it. Also, The area behind the Batpoles needs work. The color is wrong and it needs the buttons that return the duo up to the study.

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  7. It definitely needs to be lit to be more realistic so stationary it is a musy have rotating floor people will for perfection and realism

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  8. This is awesome , however I got to be honest a lot of people won’t have that kind of money i mean $699 that is not peanuts those that have it more power to you but I will speak for myself I would love to buy one but I’ll pass on this one even if I am a batman 66″ collector maybe I’ll wait and try to find a used one for cheaper , so for those that have that kind of money to shell out I’m sure you guys will have a lot of fun , enjoy.

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  9. If u want the floor under the batmobile to move make it Manual so we have to turn it so u done have to make the it thicker and the batploes should move up like they did when batman and robin went back up into Wayne manor and that can be manual also I’m find with the gadgets stationary as long as they are in the exact spot as in the actual cave cause this is my favorite design of the batcave and would only buy any exact scale replaca of it

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  10. Looks like stationary computers have won in the court of fan opinion. Glad it’s hard wired. LED lighting is a must. The motor would make unit heavier and even more pricey. Still safe packaging this piece should be priority one. Now, just take my money!

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  11. This looks awesome! Some thoughts of my own: Will you be doing the v2 Batpole landing pads? They look so much better than the foam. Also, forward thinking idea: design the upper Bat pole area for a possible(?) Wayne Manor study diorama to complete the illusion! And, what? No Emergency Bat Tunnel exit?? – just kidding – know it’s a stretch, so to speak!

    Now to your questions:

    Equipment should be fixed so it can be lit. Future SFX equipment can always be modified by user.

    I’d love to see a rotating turntable but if it’s too much to do, perhaps just design it to turn manually and maybe incorporate the ability for the user to mod it on their own. Could always incorporate some model railroad tips to make it happen.

    Batmobile/figures pack is a great idea! Will there be a pre & post-atomic pile Molly figure? 🙂

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  12. There is a brief story on the Batcave’s construction in the Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series book – they talk about building the walls. Not much more on the rest though.

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  13. Could they make the computers, etc., ‘plug-in’….so they could be lit, AND move? Just plug in, in place…

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  14. Hot Wheels came up with a Standard, Elite and Super Elite Batmobile(s) in 1/18th. Consider 3 versions and upgrades.

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  15. Do as much as you can to make this more amazing!!! Accessorie Pack would be great but keep the mark-up low. When do we order.

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  16. Stationary with light up computers.
    Wired for turntable.
    Yes to accessories pack.

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  17. How about 2 vwesions, one with all the bells and whistles, and one as you have it now. The feature creep will increase the price out of the range of the average collector. Two versions broaden your market appeal.

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  18. Yes to light up computers!!!! Stationary position ok but mobile better….. led’s run easily on small coin batteries at very little cost and are simple to change when they run dry as an option….so mobility may be possible

    Turntable does not need to be battery operated…..manual great option

    Yes to accessories…. The more accuracy the better it will be received. Maybe more purple overhead cave lighting… Lucite map great idea…..lab bench with beakers etc?…..Subterranean sign exit /fence next to cave exit/entrance ?…..Batphone good idea…..scale figures good idea too….

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  19. Question 1. Keep it simple.
    Question 2. Keep it simple.
    Question 3. I would be interested in a future addition of scale figures & Batmobile if/when the licensing issues are sorted out.
    Question 4. I have no useful information to offer (I wasn’t born until 1972)

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  20. 1. I would prefer stationary computers with lights.
    2.I would prefer a motorized turntable.
    3. I would buy an accessories pack. I would prefer that the Batmobile in it would be unique from other offerings though.

    I do think the price of $699 is WAY too high even with the above mentioned items.

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  21. I prefer the Batcomputer to light. Would rather the turntable look good than rotate but don’t mind the cost. Yes – would buy accessories.

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  22. Would love fixed and lit furniture, but not if moveable furniture is cheaper. Likewise, while a motorized turn for the Batmobile would be great, the cost of it doesn’t seem worth it.
    Accessories would be a plus.
    Is it possible to make the Batcave with options? Some lit, some not? Some motorized, some not, or would that complicate production too much?

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  23. Sell a separate add-on for the Wayne Manor room atop the bat cave. I know that’s the next round, but you’d probably have to plan ahead for that. lol

    Keep things in place and Lit as most collectors will not be playing with it. Turntable can move but no need for motor. Try locating the old 3D images from ViewMaster which may help with details. No need to include car because they already have those choices available but choose the most prolific scale rather than rarest.

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  24. i think the computers should be stationary and lit. i have an alternate method to rotate the turntable, if you are interested. it could be accomplished without making the base thicker or housing the motor underneath. a small dc motor could be housed in/on the back of the “set” which is connected to the turntable via a screw drive that would interact with gear teeth on the underside of the turntable edge. it would then be a simple matter to either add or subtract the motor drive without really altering the basic structure of the model. either they opt for a motor drive, or not. the screw drive would be easy and inexpensive to install on every model, right from the underside. and the speed of rotation could be easily adjusted with a variable resistor. oh and i think it should be scaled to the larger mattell batmobile that was based on the laser scans of the #1 screen used batmobile

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  25. My preferences are:
    1. Lighted stationary computers
    2. No motor for turn-table
    3. Interested in other bat-gadgets, figures and batmobile separately

    It’s a display piece, not a toy. So the more realistic it can look, the better

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  26. So everyone asking for different scales and different level options can probably stand down. The questions were about what factory is actually doing – which is THIS piece. 🙂 This will be a very nice, smaller scale piece (though really big, obviously) when it’s released. I will definitely buy one. However, sadly, at this scale – as the close-up photos reveal, the detailing is much softer and lumpier than scale modelers would like. Though I love the back lighting of the Atomic Pile, I wouldn’t want to bother having a motorized turntable or lit-up bat computer that looks like it was made with extruded bits from a Play-Dough Fun Factory. I’m not trying to be cruel – something in 1:43/50 scale is better viewed a few feet away.

    I am guessing that 90% of people buying this piece will definitely already have a few Batmobiles in 1:43 or 1:50 they can use for it. No need to issue another accessory pack.

    Some of us have been working on larger scale versions of this kind of diorama for a while. 1:18 makes for a really huge real-estate commitment, but 1:43 is harder to detail. 1:25 is my personal sweet-spot and that seems like it’s better left for home customizers. We’ve featured Bob Kimball’s amazing 1;43 scale version, Mike Stutelberg’s and my own ongoing 1:25 projects elsewhere on the web.

    It’s completely unfeasible to imagine shipping on a larger scale complete cave piece like this one. This one is going to be an expensive piece to ship without damage as-is.

    Mike Stutelberg had the best idea years ago which was plans to have Polar Lights issue regular 1:25 styrene sprued kits of the various Batcave parts. Lightweight, unassembled, styrene for anyone wanting to make their own diorama. It’s easy enough to do the cave walls and base out of various media, but the computers and desks etc are the tricky part.

    I salute Factory for doing this piece, and even as shown, I will support it and buy it. (Maybe straighten some of the railings and sharpen some lines though, eh?) But there is definitely an as-yet unanswered product gap in scale modeling that could answer some larger scale modeler’s prayers and be easier and cheaper to produce with a little thought behind it. I would hazard a guess that there are way more modelers that would buy 3-5 $30/$40 accessory plastic batcave parts kits that they could assemble, light if they wanted to, and paint than there are folks who are gonna shell out money for this big, completed, heavy diorama.

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  27. Hey, Factory Entertainment I have the original 1966 Batman viewmaster reels all 3 of them!
    And check out Adam West’s paper back book that he wrote awhile back. His book said that the faux batcave was fiberglas if I remember correctly! I have his book also. And I have the 1998 Adam West special magazine that came out in 1998 too!
    It has great pics of the cave and the futura/batmobile but the pics are in black and white unfortunately! Check out the dvd’s & the 1966 Gaf view master reels! Mark/

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  28. I like the overall appearance, except for the omission of the Bat lab. I would be willing to pay for an accessory pack to also include a Bat phone, (I didn’t see one on any of the desks) & the Lucite Map of Gotham City. Figures are great, always. Batmobiles we got. Great job, I’m not bugged about the turntable or stationary parts. I am pre-ordered. Now ship it already!

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  29. Too expensive people will not buy it in mass. Produce more sell for less. Retail on this can not be more than $300 if you want to sell a lot of them. Simply too high a price.

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