THWIP! Loose-Limbed SPIDER-MAN Push Puppet Brings Retro Fun

Entertainment Earth unveils its latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusive…

Man, I love stuff like this.

Entertainment Earth just unveiled its latest SDCC convention exclusive and I dig it: It’s a wooden Spider-Man push puppet. WITH WEBBING.


How endearingly, awesomely, old-school silly. But, y’know what? If there’s a superhero that’s perfect for this kind of retro treatment, it’s your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

On the one hand, he gets all loose-limbed when you press the button on the bottom — very Spider-Man-y. On the other, what superhero gets tortured by angst and villainy more than your favorite wall-crawler? Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down!

How perfectly meta.

And of course, Spidey’s especially in the zeitgeist right now, what with Spider-Man: Homecoming out in a couple weeks. (Still, this is classic Spider-Man — which is right in our wheelhouse.)

Wanna know more? You do. Click here.

Wanna get one? You do. And so do I.

The main way to get it, naturally, is by going to Entertainment Earth’s booth (#2343) at San Diego Comic-Con. They’re $8.99 each. But if you’re not going, you can still pre-order one in case they don’t sell out: Click here. It’s a limited edition of 492 pieces. If any stock is left after the show, they’ll ship out in August. It’s all while supplies last.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That’s pretty fun. Batusi Batman, please!

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