This Week in Original Sin! Avengers #29

Hickman’s best Avengers so far.

First we brought you a weekly look at All-New Marvel Now! Now that’s that’s in full swing, today we begin THIS WEEK IN ORIGINAL SIN! Where does it start? With the Avengers, of course!


Avengers #29. Writer: Jonathan Hickman. Penciler: Leinel Francis Yu. Inker: Gerry Alanguilan. Colorist: Sunny Gho. Every instinct I have as a reader tells me not to like this book, the first Original Sin tie-in book. Avengers #29 features yet another Captain America/ Iron Man conflict, the latest in a series of Avengers-shattering conflicts. It features a tie-in to yet another event, and has no sense of humor whatsoever. How many times do we really have to see Cap vs, Stark, how many times can Marvel play the Civil War card?

I guess one more, and I am shockingly happy about it as Jonathan Hickman’s latest Avengers installment is his best issue on the franchise yet. The issue pounds with intensity as Cap learns he was manipulated and brainwashed by the Illuminati so long ago. As for being another tired crossover tie-in, a reader does not have to read Original Sin to appreciate the issue. If you read Original Sin, you will understand how Cap came by this repressed information of betrayal and manipulation. If not, then it just seems Cap’s memory came to him in troubled dreams. There is no extra purchase required, so bravo Marvel on a seamless and refreshing crossover.
The story fits right into what was happening in New Avengers and Avengers and carries the cosmic themes and elements that Hickman is revered for forward.

If you read the issue description, you may roll your eyes, but you shouldn’t, because this is some truly terrific storytelling. A nail-biting confrontation between a once-trusting hero and the man who betrayed him.

Grade: A

Author: 13th Dimension

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