This NEAL ADAMS BATMAN Original Will Knock You Out

THE NEAL ADAMS CHRONICLES: The Darknight Detective wields his trusty Batarang — at you!

One of my favorite things to do since we launched THE NEAL ADAMS CHRONICLES earlier this year (with Neal’s son-in-law Peter Stone) is to take a random Adams original illustration and go to town on it.

This time around, we have a gorgeous Batman piece that was illustrated not long before Adams, who died in April 2022, became ill.

Groove to this gorgeousness:

“This was a piece that Neal did before he started to get sick,” Pete explained. “Once people started asking for commissions, and his internet store and show started to become more successful, he felt that he was allowed to draw images of Batman that he hadn’t done before. He drew Batman using throwing stars, for example.

“This piece was done while he was working on (2019-21’s) Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul,” he added. “He was selling art online at the same time, doing tight pencils of the Hulk, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and even the entire cast of the Gotham TV show, plus Batman covers and short stories for DC Comics. This piece was penciled and inked completely by Neal. I do not believe there was a color guide. He handed the art to his son Jason to color it, but never got to see the final version. Zeea Adams, Neal’s daughter with the great colorist Cory Adams, added some last-minute advice and a few colors so this is a very family-oriented piece. The final art is a wonderful Batman in the classic Neal Adams style.”

I’ll say.

If you have the means, the original is being offered for $10,000 at If that’s outside your range, there are plenty of other groovy Adams goods to choose from this holiday season.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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