This Is The GOLDEN AGE BATMAN Cowl You’ve Been Waiting For

INSIDE LOOK: A mask that lets you Bat-party like it’s 1939…

Chuck Williams is recognized across the comics universe as the guy who, along with his wife Lynne, custom-makes the greatest Batman cowls around. He’s best known for his Batman ’66 masks (as well as other incredibly accurate costume and prop replicas) but over the last few years, he’s branched out into serials, as well as Silver Age and Bronze Age comics.

Here’s his Adam West, for example:

Cowl doesn’t include the West bust

Well, hold onto your Detective Comics #27 Facsimile Editions, because here comes the Golden Age Batman cowl that Chuck is working up:

That’s… astonishing.

“I’ve spent most my life interpreting 2D images and designs into 3D sculptures,” Chuck said. “I was the senior staff sculptor for Disney Consumer Products back in the day. … I wanted to create a first-appearance Bat-Man that dug a little deeper into the artwork and attitude of the period when he was created.

“Many designs just didn’t say ‘Bat’ to me so I wanted to bring more of it into the design without getting too literal,” he added. “It allowed me to play with ear positions and shapes that animals use to warn off other animals. I kept thinking of the lines from the movie The Thing — ‘What is it?’ ‘I dunno but it’s weird and pissed off’ — when I was working. That is the character to me. I mean, he is dressing as a giant bat, right!?”

The cowl is in its earliest stages. Dig these views:

“This is just the first step to create the lightweight fiberglass shell,” Chuck explained. “It will be covered in black leather. Lynne is a trained pattern-maker and costumer. She has created everything from many of the original patterns and sample garments for DC Comics’ 1/6-scale action figures to the giant costume coveralls used in Honey, I Blew Up the Baby. She even worked for Harry Blackstone the magician! She will take the shell and create the leather cover for it. We are going for a unified look this time and not the familiar attached-ear used up to now.”

The design is right on the money, as if lifted directly from Detective Comics #27, which came out 85 years ago this spring:

We’ll also see a lot of it in Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins’ upcoming miniseries The Bat-Man: First Knight, which begins in March, the Caped Crusader’s anniversary month.

There’s also the possibility that some enterprising fan will customize Chuck and Lynne’s custom — say, someone who is into Wolverine…

MAFEX action figure

… or even Berg Katse/Zoltar from Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets:

Anyway, if you want to get in on the Batcave floor on this one, keep an eye on the Williams’ Etsy site, where you’ll find all sorts of high-end supergoodies. Prices ain’t cheap because these items are the best of the best. But as someone who saved up for a Batman ’66 cowl, I can tell you they are worth every single penny. They’re like museum pieces.

We’re still a while a way from production, but in the meantime, dig these other cowls made by this married Dynamic Duo:

“The Contaminated Cowl”

TV Batgirl

1943 serial

1949 serial

Silver/Bronze Age

Bronze Age

Modern Age

Williams Studio 2 Inc.’s site can be found here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I love it, and I can see those influences (Wolverine in particular). I have 5 of Chuck’s cowls already and each is a work of art! I wonder if it will be covered in leather, or the 40’s material? Also, what colors, black or shades of blue?

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  2. I’m glad I found this. Great work!

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