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Typically, if you see modern artists pay tribute to Superman of the past, it’s more likely to be a salute to an artist like Curt Swan or a defining actor like Christopher Reeve.

George Reeves of the 1950s Adventures of Superman doesn’t get the same level of attention these days — but Julian Totino Tedesco appears to address that in his upcoming variant cover for June 22’s Action Comics #1032.

Dig this:

A couple thoughts:

— Is it a dead ringer for Reeves? No. DC won’t use his exact likeness. Instead, the artist captures the spirit of the show’s black-and-white years with a Clark Kent that certainly bears a strong resemblance to the star — to the point where it almost looks a like a publicity still: Superman’s got some beefiness to him and he’s got the determined eyes, slick-backed hair and round glasses, to boot.

— The “S” seems drawn from Christopher Reeves’ version, but that’s a quibble with something this striking. Whether it was Totino Tedesco’s intent or not, the whole package works as an artistic homage to the TV Superman who inspired generations of devotees.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Let’s not forget how John Byrne paid tribute with the glasses, the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN renaming of the Superman title. There was also a John Bogdanove issue where they referenced “beard the dragon” which was lifted from the George Reeves series

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  2. You’re definitely not wrong about George Reeves not getting enough homage love as his fellow contemporaries do. This is a damn solid cover all the way around. I’d be down for a full comic based off this art & cover alone.

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  3. George Reeves absolutely nips at Christopher Reeve’s heels for the title of Best Live-Action Superman Ever. So much charm and humor and presence and authority, such easy charisma, and he made it all look effortless. He was just super, man. (I should add that Tyler Hoechlin is also doing world-class work in the role.)

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  4. Does someone else own George Reeves’ ownership image copyrights instead of DC? That why DC isn’t, our won’t, use George Reeves’ likeness?

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