These Brilliant BATMAN Homage Covers Are the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Artist Craig Rousseau has a grand ol’ time in the Bronze Age sandbox with Neal Adams and Jim Aparo…

Homage covers — whether published or done for fun online — are pretty common. But every once in a while, you come across one (or a few) that takes the concept to a higher level, both in terms of creativity and execution.

Comics pro Craig Rousseau gets it. The artist has been making some waves online with a quartet of 1970s Batman-related covers based on the work of giants like Neal Adams and Jim Aparo. The twist is that Craig did them in the style of The New Batman Adventures animated series.

Dig these — along with the covers upon which they are based. The devil’s in the details too: Pay careful attention to the Detective Comics logos, for example, and dig the way he “updated” the little stock figures.

Plus, we have a bonus for you! Check out Craig’s in-progress tribute to the great Power Records set Robin Meets Man-Bat:

“(That’s the) one that really started my obsession with Man-Bat!” Craig said. “I must’ve worn out that 45 back in the day.”

Want these, or something like them? Hit up Craig’s website. Dude has prints for sale — plus there are plenty of other examples of his handiwork.

Right on.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. He’s pretty talented for sure. Nice job! But what is it about the “CAPS” key that has such a hold over him?! (see his website)

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  2. These are really cool !

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  3. Wow, these are classic recreations. Can’t wait to see power records.

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