These 13 Groovy Illustrations Will Make You Smile Today

Artist Sandy Jarrell has been turning out beautiful work during the pandemic…

Artist Sandy Jarrell, veteran of DC, Archie, AHOY and Dark Horse — has long been a 13th Dimension favorite so it’s no surprise that I’ve taken notice of a run of gorgeous original art that he’s been posting on social media over the last couple of months.

Mary Marvel? Check. Dr. Fate? Check. Hawkman? Check. Superman and Supergirl? Check and check. And many more — all done with a gloriously clean style and coloring that evokes a spectrum of eras, from the Golden Age to now.

I asked Sandy to send over 13 of his faves and he did just that. Enjoy these lovelies because they will certainly brighten your day.


Dr. Fate and Inza


Mary Marvel

Miri Marvel

The Spectre

Lord Death Man



Superheroes done in pulp style


Hawkman vs. Enemy Ace



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— NOTE: Hit up Sandy’s website too! Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These are sweet! I love a more retro style.

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  2. I believe Mr. Jarrell should be tapped for a potential non-canon comics storyline.

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  3. Beautiful art! A guy who’s not afraid to draw Mary Marvel and Supergirl as GIRLS, not hot sexy women! My hat is off to him.

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  4. I own that Miri Marvel, which he drew for me as a way of saying thanks for winning a charity auction of one of his Bombshell pages. Nice guy and all class.

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  5. Really great stuff! Love a clean, simple but confident style.

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