THE TRADE: A Network For Comics Pros

Think of it as a LinkedIn for comic creators. Find people to work with on this new site that is launching soon.

Here’s the pitch from the folks at The Trade:

It all starts with six basic roles: Writers, Pencilers, Letterers, Inkers, Colorists and Editors. Without them there is no comic book, which means there is no comic book store, which means there is no comic book reader, all the way down the line until there is no new Avengers film.

So many links in the chain and yet the first six are virtually unknown and often unappreciated by the world at large.

For comic book professionals, unless they are one of the few well-known names (like Fraction, Simone, Bendis, Kirkman), then it is very likely they are wondering when and where (and possibly if) their next paying gig is going to come along. Most of them don’t have the comfort of having an agent to do the legwork for them or the money and know-how to create an effective online presence.

Still, the many levels of career paths, whether highly successful or just starting out in the industry will benefit here, whether it is in project management, collaborating, trading techniques, getting inspired, or simply being available to the businesses who seek them out.

That’s where we come in. We are The Trade, a network for comic book professionals.

The Trade gives comic pros access to all aspects of the industry, be it publishers, talent, jobs, sales, convention news or information forums.


They’re running a Kickstarter to get things running.

Check out more at


Author: 13th Dimension

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