The Top Comics of HALLOWEEN COMICFEST 2014

Saturday 10/25 is the fall version of Free Comic Book Day — and here are our picks of the top comics you should be looking out for!

Yep, on Saturday, participating comics shops will be giving out free comics (and having related events) to celebrate the Halloween season. To find a store near you that’s taking part, click here. And to prepare, these are some of the coolest books you should be looking for. They’re largely reprints so it’s a great way to check out something you’ve wanted or to introduce comics to someone new:



Marvel Comics #1, Marvel. The House of Ideas is celebrating 75 years in 2014 and for ComicFest, they’ve reproduced in part their first Golden Age superhero comic. Human Torch! Namor! Dig it!


Secret Wars #1, Marvel. I don’t mind reprint giveaways when they’re as neat as this — the first issue of the maxiseries that for better or worse ushered in the era of the Comics Event.


Scooby-Doo Team-Up #1, DC. Scooby and the gang meet up with Batman and Robin for a reprinted adventure with all sorts of meta references. I dig this series. A lot.


Afterlife With Archie #1, Archie Comics. The perfect Halloween comic. This reprints the launch of what’s been a watershed comic for the folks from Riverdale. It’s for teens and older, so don’t just hand it to the kiddies.


Betty and Veronica, Archie Comics. On the other hand, the classic gang’s all here for some spooky shenanigans.


Hero Cats of Stellar City, Action Lab. More all-ages goodness from a publisher that deserves more attention.


Boom! Studios Halloween Fright Fest. Our friends a Boom! have a collection of Halloween tales featuring a variety of characters in their stable — including Adventure Time and Peanuts!


Rachel Rising, Abstract Studio. Reprinting the first issue of Terry Moore’s horror story. Probably the top indie book to seek out Saturday. A very creepy issue.


For a full list of titles, click here!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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