The STAR TREK Top 13 Episode Countdown: #8

The Enterprise is NOT a garbage scow …

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Every day between now and 9/8 — the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s debut — we’re counting down our TOP 13 EPISODES.

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Now, #8


Another inspired Juan Ortiz poster

Another inspired Juan Ortiz poster

I noted in #9 (click here) that I think A Piece of the Action is funnier than The Trouble With Tribbles. I think that episode is, on the whole, more entertaining too.

So why am I slotting Tribbles one spot ahead? Because you cannot deny that this is one of those episodes that has resonated for decades and become integral to the fabric of Star Trek, even among casual fans (and merchandisers).

Diamond Select's electronic Tribble

Diamond Select’s electronic Tribble

The Trouble With Tribbles is another opportunity to watch William Shatner do a slow burn as the furry little creatures take over the Enterprise and the attention of the crew. Between the Klingons, an officious bureaucrat, Cyrano Jones (Stanley Adams) and the tribbles themselves, Kirk has his hands more than full — with even Spock briefly falling under the pets’ spell.

And there’s this:

I would have loved to be the stagehand just lobbing tribbles at Shatner’s head.

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For the full STAR TREK Top 13 Episode Countdown INDEX — updated daily with new entries and other features — click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. One of my all-time favorite episodes. And the source of the franchise’s anniversary episode on Deep Space 9 – almost equally as funny. The cast is brilliant – Whit Bissell, Stanley Adams, William Campbell & Michael Pataki as the Klingon version of Kirk & Spock and, of course, the great character actor William Schallert. The scene shown above, the bar fight and the build up to it between Korax, Chekiov & Scotty and ultimately to Kirk’s vindication. David Gerrold’s behind-the-scenes book about the show is one of the best about-trek books available.

    Touch of trivia that led to a great inside joke on the DS9 ep, the 3rd crewman with Chekov & Scotty in the bar & the fight was usually only be seen as Shatner’s primary stunt double.

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