The Return of Nexus

Master comics artist Steve Rude launches a Kickstarter for Nexus, with a unique approach.

With the 35th anniversary of Nexus coming up this January, this Kickstarter offers some great incentives and a subscription style fulfillment. From the Kickstarter page:

A weekly newspaper strip with a mailed subscription! Our goal is to engage readers with superlative story and art from two of the most lauded practitioners currently working in comics, and to also give subscribers a unique experience from the moment the package arrives in the mail.

We will launch this project with a brand new story from the award-winning comic Nexus, which will be chronicled in 35 individual strips, released one strip per week. When our Nexus storyline is completed, it will be followed one week later with a brand new and equally long-running story featuring the Moth!

Nexus is written by co-creator Mike Baron. The Moth is written by Gary Martin.

Considered one of the greatest creator-owned comics of all time, the return of Nexus  is good news for fans of high-quality, classic-styled books.

Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. Steve Rude is one of our modern masters, and Nexus is his child! Sharing on Facebook & supporting myself!

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