The Official BATBOOK of the WEEK!

Fifth Week Weirdness means an offbeat — but entertaining — choice: DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1 is the official pick of BATMAN’S HOT-LINE for books on sale 7/30!


This is a low-priced trade ($7.99) that collects a bunch of reprints based on the DC Animated Universe (aka the Timmverse). Included are stories from Batman Adventures #2 and 27, Batman: Gotham Adventures #2 and 4, and a short tale from Adventures in the DC Universe #3. Catwoman! The Joker! Two-Face! More!


Also out this week are Justice League #32, which promises more Bruce vs. Lex maneuverings; Harley Quinn #8; Batman Eternal #17; and, Detective Comics Annual #3.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Hmm…I was gonna pass on this for no special reason, but for eight bucks I’ll be a sport!

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