The Odd, Short Shady Life of 1969-71’s MARVELMANIA INTERNATIONAL

A peek inside the failed, fly-by-night enterprise…

The new issue of TwoMorrows’ Back Issue #152 is all about Marvelmania in the Bronze Age and its succeeding years. There’s a great lineup of features — check out the table of contents below — but no discussion of “Marvelmania” would be complete without a look at Marvelmania International, the shifty fan club that overpromised, underdelivered and ultimately collapsed under a pile of unpaid bills and disgusted fans.

Editor Michael Eury addresses the abject failure in his opening column, which we present as our SNEAK PEEK at the ish, which is available now.

Dig it.

Back Issue #152 lists for $10.95 and is available now at comics shops and directly through publisher TwoMorrows. Click here to order.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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