The Littlest Thing DAREDEVIL Got Right

It’s the little things that make a show believable or insufferable. Many times while watching a show or film, I find myself mumbling under my breath — they’d never do that in real life or somebody really did their research. That moment will either make me a believer or defector. Here’s what I notice while watching Daredevil episode 5 on Netflix…fisk938x469

Wilson Fisk is not a refined man. He’s interested in art and other fine things, but he’s a work in progress. How do we know this without him saying it? By the way he drinks wine. Sure he can afford a bottle of 2007 Brunello di Montalcino (a wine that goes for about $300 at retail and way more in a fine restaurant), but he doesn’t know how to drink it. His date, Vanessa, holds her glass properly; by the stem. But Fisk paws the bowl of the glass like he’s grabbing a pint of beer. Perhaps this was in the script or the director added this detail or actor Vincent D’Onofrio came up with it. It’s a minor detail that says so much about a powerful man who has so much to learn.

Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. I also love the way he looks down uncomfortably from time to time, showing his awkwardness with these new situations.

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