The Joy of Owning Original Art: STEVE MANNION

Indie mainstay Steve Mannion is one of the best around at good/bad-girl art.


Only in the last year or so did I start taking the plunge and commissioning art. With us kicking back for Vacation Week, I figured I’d share what I’ve gotten so far. I hope you dig it:

Part 1: Neal Adams

Part 2: Des Taylor


Whether it’s The Bomb or Fearless Dawn, Steve Mannion‘s women are over-the-top sexy , exuding pulchritudinous cool.

Well in Dan World, if there’s a specific character who emblemizes pulchritudinous cool, it’s Catwoman.

Steve and I got to talking at our New York Comic Fest last year and next thing I knew, we had a deal for a Selina Kyle piece done in his kittenish style.

The image is classic Catwoman and classic Mannion, the lines precise, the eyes sultry, the rooftop textured with a gigantic moon looming in the background.

Ann Nocenti was getting close to her end writing Catwoman and as we left the show with several others, I showed her the sketch.

“Who did that?!” she blurted out. “That’s gorgeous!”

That’s about as good an endorsement as you’re going to get.

For more on Steve, hit up his website.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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