The Joy of Owning Original Art: NEAL ADAMS

Perusing my small but growing collection of commissions.


Only in the last year or so did I start taking the plunge and commissioning art. With us kicking back for Vacation Week, I figured I’d share what I’ve gotten so far. I hope you dig it:


Getting Neal Adams to sketch a Bronze Age Batman just for me at our East Coast Comicon in April is one of those pinch-me moments.

Yes, I paid for it, so it was a commercial exchange, and not like Picasso sketching something on a napkin (though Neal joked that I could put my kid through college with it).

But when I held it for the first time, and gazed at the pencil and ink lines, it was electric.

I keep thinking, he could create this anytime he wants. His talent is immense and it almost makes me jealous that I can’t sit down and do this at will.

How does a guy who has drawn Batman thousands of times in his life still do it so well, with so much power?

He’s like Mick Jagger, agelessly commanding the page like the Rolling Stones frontman still commands stage.

Check out Neal’s website here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Dan, if you ever get bored of this. I’d love to buy it.

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