The Curing of Dr. Banner is headed this way…

Marvel is adding a couple new Bronze Age Epic Collections to their lineup this fall — one featuring the Hulk and the other starring Iron Man (which you can read about here).

The Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: The Curing of Dr. Banner — by Len Wein, Roger Stern and Sal Buscema — is due for an October release, according to the fine folks at the Epic Marvel Podcast, who are very much in the know about such things.

A full description hasn’t even made it to Amazon yet, but here’s the copy from the back cover:

Hulk #206 will provide the book’s front-cover art.

“The only thing bigger than the Hulk’s anger is his love for Jarella, so when he’s shrunk down and able to return to her world of K’ai, our big green buddy couldn’t be happier. But a return to Earth leads to tragedy and, well, that’s when things are going to get smashed. Heart-broken and enraged, nothing can stop Hulk”s rampage, not SHIELD, not the Defenders, not even the might of the Absorbing Man. Only when Doc Samson arrives to delve into the mind of man and monster can the world hope to cure Bruce Banner. Also featuring the introduction of Doctor Druid, a classic Hulk story by Jim Starlin and an Annual featuring the newest creation of the Enclave — the utopian scientists who created Adam Warlock!”

Hulk #224 will provide the back-cover art.

The edition, which extends the Bronze Age Hulk Epic Collection run into 1976-78, includes The Incredible Hulk #201-226, Incredible Hulk Annual #6 and material from Marvel Treasury Edition #17.

The softcover is due in October and will list for $49.99. No exact date has been set.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. What’s going on with that #206 cover? The Hulk’s head is different than the published comic. Could this be shot and colored from an earlier version? Maybe this was the original art and was modified by Romita during production for print maybe?

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