The Gorgeous Variant Covers of ACTION #1000

Up, up and away…

Jim Lee main cover

If you read 13th Dimension, you know we dig variants, what with our weekly wrap-up of the best in the biz.

So here’s something special: Seven of the variant covers for Action #1000, released Tuesday by DC.

Each one pays tribute to a specific decade, as you’ll see below. (Joshua Middleton’s 1980s homage was not included in the release. There will also be a blank variant. UPDATED 3/7/18: You can see Middleton’s ’80s cover here.)

Check ’em out — and let us know which is your fave:

1930s by Steve Rude

1940s by Michael Cho

1950s by Dave Gibbons

1960s by Mike Allred

1970s by Jim Steranko

1990s by Dan Jurgens

2000s by Lee Bermejo

Action Comics #1000 is out 4/18.

Can. Not. Wait.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wow! All stupendous. Though, that 60’s Allred cover NEEDS to be a poster on my wall,

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  2. It’s a tie for me between the 60’s cover & the 30’s. Rude really should be doing more stuff. He does amazing work!
    My era would be the 70’s. That’s when I started reading comics. I like Steranko but I wish they’d gotten either Garcia Lopez or Neal Adams for that cover. Other than Curt Swan, when I think 70’s, those are the artists I think of.

    I haven’t bought a comic in years but I’ll pick this up.

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  3. Love the Go-Go checks.

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  4. Nice work. The question becomes why can’t theu do quality inside as well. ( you know what I mean. No more John RomitaJr work please. Please get Rude full time).

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  5. When the list of artists were announced, I figured I would go for the Steranko cover, but I pre-ordered the Rude one. It is really beautiful.

    Agree with everyone that I would have loved to have seen an Adams and Garcia-Lopez cover.

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  6. Im buying 2000s cover by Lee Bermejo

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