The Ecstasy of Mike Allred’s X-STATIX HeroClix

So cool.

Let’s say you’re an artist and you’ve helped create these characters that are near and dear to you. They’re not A-Listers like Superman or Spider-Man but they have a genuine cult following.

How cool would it be then if someday, years later, a toy company decided to produce those characters, giving your creations new life in a way you never expected?

Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Mike Allred co-created X-Statix, an offbeat X-Men offshoot, nearly 15 years ago with writer Peter Milligan. Five of those characters — U-Go Girl, Anarchist, Orphan, Dead Girl and, my favorite, Doop — are now HeroClix, collectible game-piece miniatures produced by WizKids. The five are part of the new Deadpool and X-Force series, which is available in blind packages at various comics shops and retailers. (Separate versions of Doop and Orphan have been released in the past.)

(HeroClix is a table-top game where you get to use heroes, villains and other characters as game pieces and do battle. It’s reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons only it’s not really like that at all.)

With a little help from his friends (ahem), Mike’s now got the full set of X-Statix figures and he’s pretty gleeful about it. So I asked him some questions:

Mike’s collection

Dan: So, you co-create these characters years ago and now they pop up as miniature collectibles/game pieces. What’s that like for you?

Mike: The BEST! I consider myself ridiculously fortunate working in a field that encourages me to tap into childlike enthusiasms. I’ve always loved toys and games and always will love toys and games, so it’s always a thrill.

Dan: Which is your favorite?

Mike: Hmm. That’s impossible to answer simply. In the “escaping a housefire” scenario I’d probably grab Edie “U-Go Girl” Sawyer first. Mainly because I wish we could have saved her in the comic book. But Mr. Sensitive, aka the Orphan, is so cool in his meditative state, and Tike (Anarchist) with that power blast really rocks. Recreating and expanding on the Dead Girl cover of her passing through the wall knocked our socks off. And then, of course Doop. Gotta love him. And I love ‘em all. Amazing the details in such tiny figures!

Dan: Which characters would you still like to see them do?

Mike: All of them please! With Venus Dee Milo and Vivisector at the front of the line. It’d be a huge thrill to see all my creations get this treatment.

Dan: Where do you have these displayed?

Mike: So far everywhere!  I haven’t stopped playing with them yet so they are constantly moving. They are about to get moved in front of my Mr. Spock cookie jar.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Well your wrong that set was not the blind box sets they were all the same which you would think would really lower the value of all the characters

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