The Cover of AMAZING FANTASY #15 — Two Seconds Later!


Hey, y’know what’s coming out Wednesday from Marvel? The Amazing Spider-Man #252 Facsimile Edition

… whose cover, of course, is a riff on this:

But do you know what happened two seconds after this shot? Kerry Callen does!

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KERRY CALLEN spent much of his career as an artist and art director, developing product for Hallmark, but has also dabbled in comics for many years. As a freelancer, he creates work for a range of needs, spanning from Mad Magazine to children illustrations. He has two graphic novels available on Amazon worldwide, Halo and Sprocket: The Definitive Collection, as well as Dirtnap: Mystic Spit.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Two seconds after THAT, shows Peter swinging back home, with no nauseating burglar in his hand. “That was for YOU, Uncle Ben!”

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  2. Good thing he was vomiting so he couldn’t hear Spidey tell everyone his real name.

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    • Meanwhile, two word balloons from the same area Peter is leaving, scream “My hair!” and “My back! Somebody hit me with a pukey burglar!”
      The story continues. We look down to see a broken pukey burglar. Crawling from under the blood and carnage is an injured man with an obvious fracture, a smashed cigar, and a terrible crewcut. “I’ll SUE that webbed menace!” shouts J. Jonah Jameson.

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  3. This is me giving SJG a standing ovation for his insightful (and humorous) observation.

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  4. Ha ha ha. The new do makes more sense. Or is it the birth of Phobia Man. From Aerophobia to acrophobia to acorophobia. But how different things might have been if old Petey was affilcted with Amychophobia.

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  5. Kerry Callen does it again. 😉

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