THE AVENGERS AT 60: Dig These 13 Underappreciated Covers

A gallery of the (fairly) unexpected…

The Avengers #1, by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers, debuted July 2, 1963 — 60 years ago. (So did the X-Men!)

To mark the occasion, we’ve decided to give you a gallery of 13 COVERS that you just don’t see on too many Best Of lists. Not that these are substandard, mind you. Hardly.

But there have been so many iconic covers that we just decided to go a bit off the beaten path. So you won’t see this:

Instead, you get the 13 below — all from the Silver and Bronze Ages. (Plus, click here for a similar X-Men celebration!)

Right on.

Jack Kirby pencils. Sol Brodsky or Frank Giacoia inks.

Gil Kane pencils, Giacoia inks

Kirby pencils, Chic Stone inks

Keith Pollard pencils, Rudy Nebres inks

George Perez pencils, Joe Rubinstein inks

Alan Weiss

Don Heck

Al Milgrom pencils, Joe Sinnott inks

Gene Colan pencils, George Klein inks

John Romita pencils, Mike Esposito inks

John Buscema pencils, Tom Palmer inks

Sal Buscema

Kirby pencils, Stone inks


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Avengers 194 has always been a favorite of mine. I had a mail in subscription from Marvel and this was the first issue. Back when the comics came wrapped in brown grocery bag paper.

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