The 13thD Super Team: Who We Are and How We Came to Be

Like a good team book, one of the best parts of assembling a website is putting a ragtag crew together. Here’s ours!

These are the folks who bring the awesome. We also cruelly asked them to pick a single issue (or trade, if they had to cheat) that best represents them. They hated that.

Teacher by day, devout comic nerd by … er … day, Marc Buxton enjoys rambling on about comics whenever and wherever he gets the chance. Marc wants everyone to know that we are truly living in a nerd Golden Age and we should all just relax and enjoy the ride. Marc lives in suburban New York with his lovely wife and is often seen in the middle of lightning storms standing with his arms outstretched and screaming “SHAZAM!” Sad really.


John DiBello has been reading comics since they were made of stone and cost 12 clams. He writes the comic book blog Comics Oughta Be Fun!, although he lets his best pal Bully the Little Stuffed Bull take most of the credit. He lives in Brooklyn with wife Randi, and hopes someday to shake Ben Grimm’s hand.


Clay N. Ferno is a social media and music-business professional living in Boston. He contributes comic book, movies and pop culture columns to 13th Dimension, Forces Of Geek! and DigBoston. He has been a part of the comic-book podcasting community since 2009 with his friends at Clay spends his time producing concerts and book-signing events when he’s not chasing a deadline or stopping by convention tables to chat up his comic-book creator heroes and showing off his Arashikage tattoo! Follow Clay on Twitter (@claynferno) or visit his site at


G.D. Kennedy was raised in the Marvel Universe, weened on the Uncanny X-Men and the Man Without Fear. He spends his days doing his best imitation of the latter, an Irish esquire by trade who most days can be found rotting away in the bowels of Hell’s Kitchen, occasionally jumping between rooftops and waving a billy club. Over the years, he’s moved away somewhat from the tights and fights and fallen for the world of creator-owned and independent comics, smitten with their unique and innovative approaches to the medium that has been such an essential background to his life. He is always looking for new great books to read and review, so if you have anything that you want to share, feel free to email him at, or hit on Twitter at @gdkennedy1.


Guided by her spirit animal John Waters to leave the wide world of product-licensing to pursue a life of art, Aimee LoSecco has spent the last 10 years in comics. In her spare time she still makes art, music, and the occasional public performance. When not slinging comics to the masses, she can be found by her trademark mohawk, stalking the wilds of NYC hunting the best tacos and yelling at celebrities. She ironically resides in the ‘burbs with 2,000 comics, nine guitars, and two dachshunds.


Menachem Luchins left the lucrative field of teaching high school English to open Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, N.Y., in 2013, fulfilling a life-long dream. A proponent of creator-owned work and self-contained stories, he still enjoys, most of all, a good tale and loves helping people find the right comic for them, whether it’s their first or their 5,000th.


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