The 13 WORST BOSSES in Comics

Ken Marcus of Super Human Resources investigates the worst in the superworkplace.

Cover A #1 By Justin Bleep

You may not know Ken Marcus but you’ve seen his work. He writes those ubiquitous GEICO ads like Hump Day, the one with Salt-N-Pepa (“Push it real good!”) and, my personal favorite, obnoxious Peter Pan at the class reunion.

He also writes comics, namely Super Human Resources from Action Lab Entertainment. What’s it about? Just what it sounds like: What it’d be like to work in HR for a team of superheroes. The first trade is being reprinted by Action Lab in May and a sequel is due in June.


It seemed fitting, then, to ask Marcus to list the 13 WORST BOSSES in Comics:

Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips wants absolute control over the thoughts and free will of all living creatures. So in other words, this guy was pretty much made for middle management.

Jack Kirby and Mike Thibodeaux

Galactus. So your boss is always sending you out to pick up their lunch. But instead of a grilled chicken Caesar wrap, you have to find a new planet for Galactus to nom-nom on. High-maintenance.


Kingpin. No one likes working for a micromanaging perfectionist. One tiny mistake is all it takes with this guy. And your quarterly performance review is a gunshot to the forehead.

John Romita Sr.

Professor X. Working for one of the world’s most powerful psychics has to suck. “Hey, I’m working from home today.” “No, you’re binge-ing Season Two of Daredevil.” Good luck calling in sick with this guy.



Dr. Doom. How about a boss who incessantly refers to himself in the third person? “Beware the wrath of Doom.” “Get non-fat latte for Doom.” “Doom wants a caramel drizzle.” And it’s a 50-50 shot you’re just talking to a Doombot.

Kirby and Joe Sinnott

Apocalypse. Some bosses are just obsessed with titles. Assistant VP of Marketing? Nope, your new title is “Pestilence.” Bright side? It is pretty badass to have “Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse” on the ole’ LinkedIn profile.


Amanda Waller. If she’s your boss, you know you’ve got a crappy job. Your team is called the Suicide Squad. Not a great morale booster, from the get-go. You have to question Ms. Waller’s commitment to work-life balance.


Negan. Like every boss, this one plays favorites. But if you’re disappointed you lost out on another promotion to a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wired named Lucille? Do not complain to HR.


Two-Face. Think your boss is indecisive? Imagine you got this half-faced, freakshow for a boss.“Should we send over the budget proposal for approval?” *Coin flip* “Tails says no.” Exhausting.


Magneto. With this boss, you never know where you stand. Are we good guys or bad guys this month? Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or X-Men? Get used to reprinting your business card at Office Max every two months.


Tony Stark. Distant. Arrogant. Always out of the office. Never returns your emails. The boss of Stark Industries has it all. And shut up about the Steve Jobs biography already, Tony. Being a great boss doesn’t mean you have to be a dick.


Jonah Jameson. No one likes a screamer. “Get me an article on that public menace, Spider Man!!” All this yelling can’t be healthy. Not to mention the smoking. You’re looking at the reason The Daily Bugle’s insurance premiums are through the roof.


Reed Richards. And then there’s the boss who takes credit for everyone else’s work. You’ve got a whole building full of the world’s top scientists. And you’re also married to one. But no, it’s “Mr. Fantastic this” and “Mr. Fantastic that.” It seems his ego stretches too…

kirby ayers

Want to see a little more office dysfunction in your comic books? You’re in luck. Be sure to ask your comic store to order Super Human Resources from Action Lab Entertainment. Volume I TPB: MAR16 0995. Volume II #1: APR16 1132/APR16 1133 (Gabriel Hardman variant, below).

Cover B #1 By Gabriel Hardman

Author: Dan Greenfield

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