The 13 Grooviest BATCOPTER & BATMOBILE Pix You’ll See This Year

Capt. Eugene Nock and a buddy sent these beauties over…

Last weekend was the Oceana Air Show in Virginia Beach, Va., and our old buddy Eugene Nock — owner of the bona fide, original 1966 Batcopter — sent over 13 gorgeous pix of his magnificent flying Batmachine, as well as his nifty replica Batmobile.

The pix were taken by a talented guy named Patrick Cardinal. (Click here.) I’ve flown in the Batcopter a couple times — thank you, Eugene! — but I really wish I was at this show. I mean, how cool is it to see the Batmobile with an F-18 Hornet?

Anyway, you have two more chances to check out the Batcopter in person this year — at the Flying W Air Show in Medford, N.J., and the Stuart Air Show in Florida.

The Jersey show is 9/30-10/1 and you can get ticket info here. The Florida show is 11/3-5 and you can get ticket info here.

Meanwhile, check out these great pix:

Eugene, his son Wilson, and friend

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Dan,

    Who drew the Batman face and profile pic on the to right of the seat? Can’t tell who the artist is but cool thing to have!

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  2. This is just a quibble, and maybe it’s just me but I’d rather see the Batman 66 chest emblem on the Batcopter rather than the more modern day one. Other than that… another great article! Thanks, Dan!

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