JOHN ROMITA (1930-2023): The web-spinner by the Men of Silver…

Last night, I was perusing an advance copy of TwoMorrows’ Back Issue #145, looking for a piece to run as our customary excerpt. Naturally, John Romita was on my mind, as he has been since he died this week, and also because the issue’s theme is Spider-Rogues.

It’s a must-read, but I’ll write more about that another time. I just want to say the tires in my head screeched when I came upon this illustration pencilled by Romita and inked by Murphy Anderson — one of the greatest artists in DC history:

I just love it. Two titans so identified with their respective companies in absolute synch because they were among the very best at what they did.

Or, as Michael Eury put it in the caption: “We never tire of Jazzy Johnny Romita’s amazing Spider-art! This 2004 specialty illo featuring the Web-Slinger and his winged foe was inked by former Hawkman artist Murphy Anderson, an extraordinary pairing of the two illustrators who respectively epitomized Marvel’s and DC’s Silver Age house styles.”

Here’s the pencilled version, which is also in Back Issue #145:

The piece was sold through Heritage Auctions in October 2021 for $3,360, including buyer’s premium. Here’s their description: John Romita Sr. and Murphy Anderson – Spider-Man vs. Vulture Specialty Illustration Original Art (2004). Spidey takes the Vulture for a ride, in this illustration that appears to be a promo illustration produced for the website Included is the graphite and blue pencil page, inked on velum page, and printed page on Bristol board with image areas of 10″ x 12″. From the Murphy Anderson Collection.


Credit to Michael Eury for unearthing this gem in Back Issue #145, which will be out this month.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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