EXCLUSIVE: The 60th anniversary of the Brave and the Bold proto-team-up is coming in April…

DC has two outstanding Facsimile Editions coming in April — both Silver Age landmarks that will be welcome to collectors.

One you can find out about here, but the other is April 1964’s The Brave and The Bold #54, featuring the Teen Titans’ first team-up — before they were actually the Titans and when they were simply billed as Kid Flash, Aqualad and Robin.

Dig the official solicitation that will be released formally by DC later this month:


Written by BOB HANEY
Art and Cover by BRUNO PREMIANI
Blank sketch cover
Foil variant cover by BRUNO PREMIANI ($5.99 US)

$3.99/32 pages/Variant $4.99 US (card stock)

ON SALE 4/9/24

Before they were Teen Titans, they were kid sidekicks, but in this seminal issue Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Robin first come together and work as a team. Join the future Titans as they face “The Thousand-and-One Dooms of Mt. Twister” in this full-facsimile reprint of the 1964 classic that started it all.

A few thoughts…

The Brave and the Bold #54 was released April 30, 1964, so the Facsimile will come out just a few weeks before the 60th anniversary.

— Even though Batmania had not yet struck, Robin was still the biggest name of the three sidekicks. Nevertheless, he gets third billing here. My take is it’s because the logo looks better this way.

— We recently did 13 FACSIMILE EDITIONS WE’RE SURPRISED DC COMICS HASN’T PUBLISHED YET — RANKED. This ish was mentioned, though I pegged B&B #60 because it’s the first time the name Teen Titans was used and the team included Wonder Girl. I salute DC for actually going with this one, even if it doesn’t play up the branding. (I also still hope B&B #60 will be added at some point.)

— I’ll be down for the sketch and foil covers on this one.

Obligatory Price Comparison: An unslabbed, mid-grade original recently sold on eBay for $354.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I remember this story being reprinted in the 70s! Anyone but me think Twister Guy looks like actor Robert Donner?

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  2. I’m just curious. Who should actually be credited with creating Wonder Girl? Robert Kanigher created the Superboy rip off WG, but the Teen Titans editor and writers (Haney?) inadvertently created the Teen Titans version, and then Marv Wolfman gave her the backstory. It’s even debatable which WG solo stories are Diana and which are Donna. I’m guessing residuals weren’t really a thing, because I can see them being a nightmare.

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  3. On that cover, Robin is carrying his teammates with the same energy and vibe as nostalgic reprints carrying the whole of DC comics over the finish line.

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