Taco de Ojo Latin American Anthology

Taco de Ojo means “to get an eyeful” in Spanish, and is generally used to refer to checking someone out. The creators are re-appropriating the term to “refer to images which provide food for thought: stories which spill off the page and continue to grow in the subconscious long after you have put our book down.”

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There’s a wide range of styles and formats;  sequential art, single panel cartoons, illustrations, collage, mixed media, prose, and poetry. Many have English translations. The anthology features over 70 collaborators.  At times, Taco de Ojo reminded me of a Latino version of Art Speigelman’s groundbreaking Raw Magazine.

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8.5 x 11IN, Red & Black Ink, printed on 125g matte paper, hand-sewn and expertly bound.

Email: latinotoons@gmail.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/LatinoToons


Check out the Taco de Ojo Indiegogo campaign:

Author: 13th Dimension

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