Five issues slated for spring and summer 2023…

My favorite magazine is Michael Eury’s Back Issue and it’s been that way for quite a long time. There’s no such thing as a weak issue and there’s plenty of gold in every installment.

The spring and summer 2023 issues are an eclectic mix, including spotlights on Superboy, Daredevil and Spider-Man’s villains in the Bronze Age. There’s also a Ka-Zar-driven issue and, best of all, a salute to Neal Adams.

Check out these official descriptions, plus a link to the Adams special:

SUPER ISSUE! Superboy’s Bronze Age adventures, and interviews with GERARD CHRISTOPHER and STACY HAIDUK of the Superboy live-action TV series. Plus: Super Goof, Super Richie (Rich), Super-Dagwood, Super Mario Bros., Frank Thorne’s Far Out Green Super Cool, NICK MEGLIN and JACK DAVIS’ Superfan, and more! Featuring a Superboy and Krypto cover by DAVE
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships March 2023

For BACK ISSUE #143, a salute to Neal Adams, click here.

BRONZE AGE SAVAGE LANDS, starring Ka-Zar in the 1970s! Plus: Turok—Dinosaur Hunter, DON GLUT’s Dagar and Tragg, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, Planet of Vampires, Pat Mills’s Flesh (from 2000AD), and WALTER SIMONSON and MIKE MIGNOLA’s Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure. With CONWAY, GULACY, HAMA, NICIEZA, SEARS, THOMAS, and more! JOHN BUSCEMA cover!
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships June 2023

SPIDER-ROGUES ISSUE! Villain histories of Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Kingpin, Spidey’s mob foes, the Jackal and Carrion, Tarantula, Puma, plus the rehabilitation of Sandman! Featuring the work of ANDRU, SAL BUSCEMA, CONWAY, DeFALCO, GIL KANE, McFARLANE, MILLER, POLLARD, JOHN ROMITA JR. & SR., STERN, THOMAS, WEIN, WOLFMAN, and more! DUSTY ABELL cover!
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships July 2023

MEN WITHOUT FEAR, featuring Daredevil’s swinging ’70s adventures! Plus: Challengers of the Unknown in the Bronze Age, JEPH LOEB interview about his Challs and DD projects with TIM SALE, Sinestro and Mr. Fear histories, superheroes with disabilities, and… Who Is Hal Jordan? Featuring CONWAY, ENGLEHART, McKENZIE, ROZAKIS, STATON, THOMAS, WOLFMAN, & more! GENE COLAN cover!
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships August 2023

A few thoughts:

— The mags will be available at comics shops and booksellers but you can already pre-order through TwoMorrows. Click here.

— That Spider-Rogues issue is the shizz. Only Batman has a greater line-up of venal villains.

— Nice to see that pre-Miller DD is getting some love, too.

— Check out the links below for more 2023 goodies from TwoMorrows!


— DESTROYER DUCK: KIRBY and GERBER’s Classic Series to Get Special ‘GRAPHITE EDITION’. Click here.

— NEAL ADAMS to Receive Double-Barrel Salute in 2023. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Back Issue is a must for me as well. I have every single print copy going back to #1 and I just downloaded the digital copy of #139 which I enjoyed over the weekend. Gotta get that Spidey Rogues spotlight for sure. Comic Book Creator is also a great read for me when they focus on more mainstream fare or folks whose work I enjoy. I highly recommend both mags.

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  2. Ojalá lo editarán en castellano también

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  3. I remember reading a few issues of SUPER GOOF when I was kid.
    Looking forward to the article.

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