SPX Launches Lottery To Deal With Table Demand

The Small Press Expo or SPX is experiencing an increasing demand for tables. Last year many were stunned that after only one day the tables were sold out. This year’s solution: a lottery.

There seems to be a groundswell of indie artists making comics and exhibiting at CAF s (Comic Arts Festival) and expos, as well as mainstream cons. What’s going on? Are people reading more indie comics? It would seem so, but these events are many times the only way artists can reach their audience. Comic shops can’t possibly handle the vast variety of comics created these days and Diamond really doesn’t want deal with the small fries. Also, the expos and CAFs are a great place for artists to meet, catch up, and see what everyone else is making. The massive success of SPX, TCAF and Comic Arts Brooklyn, indicate a healthy scene has emerged.

For those want to get in on the SPX lottery, go here on Friday, Jan. 16th afternoon  www.spxpo.com/lotteryregistration and good luck!

Author: 13th Dimension

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