SPIDER-MAN, YES MORE: A Gallery of GEORGE PEREZ’s Art as a Young Man

The beginnings of the beginning…

Back Issue #147 is due Sept. 27 (some places may have it already) and it’s a tribute to the late George Perez.

The issue is jammed with a variety of features about one of comics’ greatest creators, as the table of contents shows:

For our EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, we’re going back to the early days, showing you the gallery of Perez art from when he was just blossoming.

You can see the talent was there all along:

Back Issue #147 is in some comics shops now but can also be ordered directly from publisher TwoMorrows. Click here.


— The GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS: The Master in His Own Words. Click here.

— GEORGE PEREZ’s TOP 13 Comics Series – RANKED. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. DC Editors in ‘73 must have been smoking something.

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  2. Will be getting this. I Met Mr Perez at a small convention in Anaheim right after New Teen Titans 26 the first appearance of Terra came out. Really nice wonderful person.

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  3. .my article about our high school days is on page 4..

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  4. I think one of my commissions from George is in this.

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