SPECIAL ISSUE of the Classic Fanzine BATMANIA Now Available

Continuing in the tradition of Biljo White…

One of the greatest and most influential of all comics fanzines was Biljo White’s Batmania, which was published in the mid-1960s. Some years back, superfan Kirk Hastings, however, picked up the bat-on and began publishing the title anew.

The first issue of the original run

Well the latest issue, Batmania #33, is available now and the mag, which has the endearingly lo-fi, DIY production values of the original, is a tribute to the famed annual Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont.

Kirk attended for the first time this year and upon his return pulled together the new issue, which is jammed with articles about the parade, its legacy and its appearance in comics. (I myself am honored to be a small part of this lore: Interviews I did years ago with the late Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams about Batman #237, the most famous of the parade’s comic-book appearances, are included in the ish.)

So how to get it? Dig this promo piece Kirk put together:

As noted, you’d be purchasing a pdf, which you can read on your device of choice or print out. Whichever fits your liking. (By the way, I also strongly recommend joining Kirk’s Batmania Facebook group. Great stuff!)

Having seen it, I can tell you Batmania #33 is worth way more than the five bucks Kirk is charging. It’s a joyous piece of Bat-arcana and while the content is new, the mag feels like it was transported here from its Silver Age heyday.


— A BATMANIA Tribute to TOM FAGAN and the Famed RUTLAND HALLOWEEN PARADE. Click here.

— Neal Adams’ BATMAN #237 Color Guide Is Even Spookier Than the Final Cover. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ve never heard or seen this before. I love learning new history of our hero, especially from the Silver Age. A few issues (not PDFs – though those are there too) are selling on eBay.

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  2. If there is a Mark Z out there who ordered a copy of BATMANIA #33 from me, your service keeps rejecting it as too big a file attachment, even though it is smaller than their 28 MB limit (22MB).

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