SNEAK PEEK: THE AVENGERS #1 Opens With a Mighty Meta Conversation

Three Avengers walk into a bar…

Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative kicks off this week with The Avengers #1 — perfectly timed to what’s going to be the biggest movie blockbuster in history until Avengers 4 comes out next year.

But rather than start off with, say, a gigantic battle or some nefarious evil-doer plotting to take over the world, The Avengers #1 — by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and David Curiel — begins with a quiet conversation in a bar between Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor.

The topic of conversation? Whether they’re the ones to lead the Avengers anymore — and whether they’ve even outlived their usefulness.

Movie-goers would tell you that of course these three are indispensable. But it’s been a very rocky road on the comics side of things for awhile now and Marvel’s facing it head on here.

Check out this SNEAK PEEK at The Avengers #1 — out 5/2:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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