SNEAK PEEK: Diamond’s ADAM WEST Bust Ready For Release

“Yes, commissioner…”

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We first showed you Diamond Select’s Batman ’66 Bruce Wayne/Adam West bust — complete with Batphone — back at Toy Fair in February:

Now, after what looks like a slight nip here and a minor tuck there, Diamond has released images of the final prototype:

As you saw above, everyone’s favorite millionaire playboy rounds out a wave of resin busts that includes Burt Ward’s Dick Grayson and Alan Napier’s Alfred. All three are expected out around the end of the year and will retail for the usual $59.99. Dick and Alfred are already available for pre-order and Bruce will be available, starting today. (Check with your local comics shop or your fave online retailer.)

As usual, the busts were designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean. (For a complete behind-the-scenes look at all three, click here. You’ll dig it, Batfans.)

Barry Bradfield’s design

The big question is what’s next. These could very well be the final Batman ’66 minibusts that Diamond releases. Of course, if sales are strong, who knows…

Personally, I’m holding out hope we get a set of Batman-Riddler boxing busts… or Batman/Joker surfing busts… or…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I wish Diamond would do more 12″ Batman figures!

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    • Sorry to say, but this does not really look like Adam West.

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  2. I want more banks (at least Riddler and Catwoman) IMO their banks have the best likeness compared to their busts and statues.

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