SNEAK PEEK: Actionverse #0

Action Lab’s first big event launches 12/2 with Actionverse #0. Here’s a sneak peek …

The folks at Action Lab are passionate about their comics — and talented besides, though they certainly don’t need me to point that out. Jamal Igle, one of the publisher’s biggest names, has written a piece about just how passionate he is about Molly Danger, and why he’s decided to step away from characters he doesn’t own. This is something every thinking fan should read, and you can check it out here.

In the meantime, here’s a look at Actionverse #0, which sets the stage for the company’s big event in the spring …

Actionverse 0 Proof-1

Actionverse 0 Proof-2

Actionverse 0 Proof-3

Actionverse 0 Proof-4

Actionverse 0 Proof-5

Actionverse 0 Proof-6

Actionverse 0 Proof-7

Actionverse 0 Proof-8

Actionverse 0 Proof-9

Author: Dan Greenfield

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