Roy Thomas’ ALTER EGO to Explore CAPTAIN MARVEL JR.’s Influence on ELVIS PRESLEY

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Now this is just plain cool. Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego #191 will focus on Captain Marvel Jr.’s outsize influence on the King, Elvis Presley.

(Did you see the movie Elvis? They got into it there too.)

Not just that, Alter Ego #190’s subject has been set as well: vintage jungle comics!

Dig the official descriptions from publisher TwoMorrows:

In Alter Ego #190, “It’s a Jungle Comic Out There!” as Mitch Maglio, historian of the Fiction House group, examines vintage jungle heroes from Kaänga to Ka-Zar… from She to Sheena… not to mention Rulah, Frank Buck, Jo-Jo/Congo King, Lorna, Jungle Jim, Princess Pantha, Congo Bill, Dorothy Lamour, Thun’da, Cave Girl, and, oh yes, Tarzan of the Apes! With art by Lou Fine, Will Eisner, Frank Frazetta, Matt Baker, Bob Powell, Robert Webb, Alex Schomburg, Fran Hopper, H.C. Kiefer, Ralph Mayo, Maurice Whitman, Joe Doolin, John Celardo, and many others! Plus—the comicbook career of real-life jungle explorers Martin and Osa Johnson—FCA, Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, and more!

Alter Ego #191 is an FCA (Fawcett Collectors Of America) issue! Documenting the influence of Mac Raboy’s Captain Marvel Jr. on the life, career, and look of Elvis Presley during his stellar career, from the 1950s through the cataclysmic concerns of the 1970s! Plus: Captain Marvel co-creator Bill Parker’s complete testimony from the DC vs. Fawcett lawsuit, Michael T. Gilbert in Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, and other sensational surprises!

A few thoughts:

Alter Ego #190 is due October 16, 2024. You can already pre-order it here.

Alter Ego #191 is due December 18, 2024. You can already pre-order it, too. (Both publication dates are subject to change.)

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wow! I’m really looking forward to reading about Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr.!

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