The Boy Wonder Teen Wonder stars in a big ol’ tome…

Oh, this is just grand. Some of my all-time favorite Robin stories will be collected in Robin: The Bronze Age Omnibus – due in April 2020.

Dig DC’s just-released official solicitation info – with placeholder art from the cover of Batman Family #5:


Stories and art by various

New cover by MIKE GRELL

The 1970s stories of Batman’s sidekick Robin, now college age,

are collected for the very first time! In these stories, Robin has moved out from the shadow of Batman to attend college, where he continues to battle crime. Collecting dozens of stories in which Robin deals with bullying, motorcycle gangs, campus protests and much more. Collects BATMAN #192, #202, #213, #227, #229-231, #234-236, #239, #240-242, #244, #245, #248-250, #252, #254, #259, #333, #337-339 and #341-343; DETECTIVE COMICS #390-391, #394, #395, #398-403, #445, #447, #450, #451 and #481-495; BATMAN FAMILY #1, #3-9 and #11-20; WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #200 and DC COMICS PRESENTS #31 and #58.

ON SALE 04.22.20

$125.00 US | 912 PAGES

FC | ISBN: 978-1-1779500-854

Now, for those of you keeping score at home, you’ll notice a few things:

1. There’s a new cover coming from Mike Grell, who did the cover and lead story for Batman Family #1. Awesome.

2. There are actually some Silver Age stories in there too, which is cool.

3. The blurb is incorrect when it says these are collected for the first time. Some of these stories have been collected, but not all in one place and not all in color like this.

4. Most importantly, though, between this and the two Bronze Age Batgirl omnibi, all the new stories starring Batgirl and/or Robin from Batman Family will have been collected. Still, I await a full-on Batman Family collection. I think that’ll be a very long wait, unfortunately.

All that said, though, this is a far-out collection and I’m sure one of many celebrating Robin’s 80th anniversary in 2020.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • Yeah, that’s a typical price for an omnibus. Thing is, you can usually get them for a lot less. Shop around!

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  1. Glad to see the DC COMICS PRESENTS issues are included.

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  2. Too bad it took them so long to get rid of the ridiculous short pants.

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